What's the best way to contact you?
- Email HyenaAgenda@gmail.com
- Our Twitter account is open to DMs
- Our Tumblr however anon messages may not receive a reply


How do your shirts fit?
Each item will link to a sizing chart. For the most part our shirts, tank tops, and hoodies fit a bit slim. If you're in between sizes we suggest choosing a size up. 


Something is out of stock, when will it be coming back?
We try to restock as soon as we can. There's no set date for restocks.


Do you accept my credit card?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and of course PayPal.


How will my package be shipped?
All packages will be sent out via USPS.


When will my package be shipped?
We'll usually ship daily, but please allow for up to 3 business days. If we're going out of town or if it will take longer for some reason we'll post on our twitter


How fast will my package arrive?
Please note these are ESTIMATES. Actually delivery time may vary.

First Class: 2-3 business days
Priority: 2-3 business days

First Class International: 4-5 weeks
Priority International: 6-10 business days


Do you pay customs duty or fees?
Nope, sorry! Any customs fees/duties are the responsibility of the recipient. Please become familiar with your local law! In addition, we will not lie or fake our customs declaration in order to avoid these.


My stuff is damaged, missing, wrong, etc!
That's no fun! Please email us and we'll square you away. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package. HyenaAgenda@gmail.com


I bought the wrong thing/size on accident... can I get an exchange?
Exchanges are only available on brand new, unworn, unused, unwashed items. We'll ask that you pay for shipping. Contact us within 7 days of receiving your package -- will depend on available stock. Please email us: HyenaAgenda@gmail.com


I'm an artist/programmer/adorable kitten looking for work, are you interested?
Perhaps! Please send an email with a link to your work: HyenaAgenda@gmail.com. This in no way guarantees we will hire you. We may not reply until we have work for you if we decide we like what we see.