Covid19 Info! (Updated Oct 5th)
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    Hey guys! You might've noticed that there's this pandemic thing going around. Here's how that may impact our customers (that's you)! We're still shipping orders, creating new products, and putting up restocks - but there are a few things to note when placing an order.

    DHL International Express Added! 
    For our customers outside of the US, we've added DHL International Express Shipping! This should take delivery wait times down from several months to several days to most international destinations. We've also started shipping to many countries we previously disabled! Welcome back Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and many others!

    USPS International Removed.
    Until early 2021, we've removed the cheaper USPS international shipping option for all countries except Canada. Wait times for this shipping option are already quite long due to Covid-19, but we fear the wait times may become unreasonable when combined with the usual holiday postal slowdowns.

    USPS International to Canada
    We will be keeping USPS International shipping to Canada since it has not been as drastically delayed as other countries. Even so, please expect delays of several months. We will be monitoring the wait times and will remove this option if wait times become too long.

    Blank Substitutions
    Some of our Bella-Canvas blanks have become unavailable reliably. This is our go-to brand to print on for most of our short sleeve shirts and tank tops. Due to this, some short sleeve shirts and tank tops may be printed on other blanks such as Next Level or American Apparel. Both of these brands also have super soft cotton and fit similarly to Bella-Canvas.

    Domestic (US) Shipping Times
    For the most part domestic shipping times are back to normal, however some packages do end up taking a few days longer or may show status as "delivered" one business day before actually being delivered.

    We've heard that USPS shipping times have slowed down for many domestic customers. We're monitoring the situation, but haven't yet seen our packages being delayed in any extreme way.

    Exchanges and Returns
    Though we normally do accept exchanges, we will no longer be able to accept them at this time. We will try to reinstate this service as soon as we can. We're so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

    Packing Times
    For the most part we are still able to get packages out the door 1-3 business days after being placed. However, if we end up with an influx of orders it may take us a few more days to get them out as we maintain social distancing. 

    Get a Mask!
    We're offering cheap, affordable face masks at cost - or even under cost! Click here to check them out. If you're in Arizona we may be able to send you a mask completely free of charge. To request one, send us an email with your name, mailing address, and required size (small or large).

    Please wear a face covering whenever you need to be out in public and follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.



    Thank you for taking the time to read this update! Stay safe out there. We'll get through this together! Oh, and Black Lives Matter. <3